10,000 Hours To Success App Reviews

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The sliders are horrible. When you remove your finger you have to do it very carefully or else it moves over and it’s really hard to get the exact number you want. There’s no built in timer which is super annoying. And overall the GUI is atrocious. I’ve never hated an app so much that I had to write a review on it. These programmers are clearly lazy or incompetent.

No timer!

No built in timer? That requires you to use another app on your phone to track the time and then input the time into this app! What a hassle! Why not just add the timer to the TIME TRACKING app?

Looks cool

I expected a built-in timer so not sure if I will use it.

Need an account to use app

Needed to create an an account in order to use the app. Not interested in yet another account on another site that I don't need. Want an app to store locally only so immediately deleted. YMMV.

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