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10,000 Hours To Success

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Developer: Kybocorp Ltd

If you have a dream or passion for something you want to do, to become an expert or to be the best within the field, then you need to practice, practice and practice! During those hours of practice & training, you’re going to make mistakes and fail which are inevitable throughout the journey to success!

Malcolm Gladwell and other researchers had studied many successful people who are Athletes, Violin Students & even a Programmer like Bill Gates. They found something in common that all successful people had, which is that they all practiced roughly 10,000 hours before becoming successful.

We have created an app to help you set your main goal and smash the hours with hard work, trial and errors, consistency, self-discipline, positive habits, being persistent and perseverance.

To use this app effectively, it has been designed for you to state your goal so it will remind you every day for your Why and motivation factor. It will then ask you to dedicate a number of hours to commit consistently every week which the app will then forecast an expected date for you to achieve your 10,000 hours to success. This is based on how many hours you are willing to commit in a week to practice towards your main goal. The more hours you dedicate every week, the quicker you reach the 10,000 hours. By then, you would have made numerous mistakes, had many failures and by this moment in time, your skills would be like second nature.

You will set a routine for the week, plan what day and time you would like to work on consistently, provided with a reminder tool, so you will never forget.

Every time you do the hours, you will add it on to the tracker. If you do more hours than expected in a week, the forecast date will decrease which means you’re going to get to 10,000 hours to success quicker than it was originally forecasted. If however, you are putting in less hours than you expected in a week, the forecast date will increase, meaning you’ll get there later than it was forecasted.

You can even plan tasks, training or things such as a To do list so you’ll always be organised and know what you’re doing to get to your main goal.

The idea is to work out your journey of how quick you want to be successful, how much you can commit and dedicate all the input to the specific training which you have
planned towards your goal.